and how do they paint it? is it just a skill, or can you buy stencils? if so, where?
Like the first sign here:

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  • Jeanie RP says:

    I always use Bradley Hand ITC for this sort of font. I don’t know about a stencil for it, although it’s a great idea! I taught myself to do it by printing out alphabets (lower and upper case) and writing (copying) the letters below (kind of like teaching a child to print).

  • gagirliegal88 says:

    Those are hand done. You might be able a font on your computer you could use. Good luck!

  • says:

    The ones in those pics are hand done but I believe most are done with stencils.

  • booboo says:

    If you are leary about freehand painting, create you own stencils in the font you like. I print what I want on clear transparencies and then cut it out and that creates a stencil. You have to be creative on some of the letters because you cut out the middle portion and then you have to be creative how to make that letter. Like an "O". If you cut out the outside line, the middle is gone. I usually cut almost all of it and leave a little piece attached that will also be attached to the center of the letter so the middle is still connected. When done painting, I touch up with a small paintbrush.

    You can find a lot of free fonts online if you don’t have any you like on your computer.

    Good luck!

    (You can also get create you own stencil supplies at the craft store, but I like using the transparencies from the office store and I print directly on it….the choice is up to you.)

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