what are some toys you still have from as a kid?
I still have my Raggedy-Ann & Andy dolls, my My Size Barbie(no longer my size, lol), a muffinskirt doll, a troll bank, and the toybox they all went in.

What are some habits you still have from as a kid(besides brush your teeth, lol)?
I still put my pj’s under the pillow, leave the window open at night, line up my shoes under the bed, hang my clothes over the shower door, say bye to the people in my posters, and ask before getting in the fridge(not at my own house though, lol).

What are some foods you LOVED as a kid but cant stand now, or vice versa?
I LOVED milk but now think it stinks. I HATED pretzels but now I eat them whenever chips are the fare at hand.

So…survey says?…………………………..

what do you still have from childhood?
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