This show is held in early December, and is heavily attended. There is a place for kids to set up booths and sell their wares. I’m trying to help my daughter think of things that would be good sellers with a decent profit margin. Help me brainstorm!

So far we’ve come up with:

– bookmarks made with marbled cardstock (she’ll do the marbling)
– Christmas greeting cards
– dishsoap dispensers like Martha Stewart showed the other day, made of small wine bottles and a liquor spout (if you think this is a good idea, do you know where to buy those small fancy bottles that wouldn’t cost that much?)
– homemade paper (doubting she has the time or energy to do much of this)

Even if you can’t think of anything, I’d love if you would take the time to comment on the ideas we already have, including what you think would and wouldn’t sell to a "country style" crowd just before Christmas, and what you would think the items could be priced.

Thanks a lot for your help!

What are some good crafts a 9 year old can make for arts/crafts show?
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