I just moved a few months ago and feel settled in and know I’ll be here a long time. It’s time to start decorating! I’m starting with the kitchen.

The Goal:
Country style– cottage/cabin like, rustic/homey
To plan and have the job done no later than July (2 months)
To make it really unique, stylish, and very functional

The Challenges:
– I live in a rented city apartment
– Small space
– low budget

The Assets:
– big do-it-yourselver
– very artistic, especially with a paint brush

Can you give me advice, direct me to good websites and resource? Show me photos of your country home, or "country home" apartment?

If anyone is into it, I made an interactive web page with pictures of the existing kitchen, sketches, and interactive polls and guestbooks for your input. I don’t wanna spam the board, but if you e-mail me I will send you a link.

In these early planning stages, the more input the better.

Thanks in advance. I am off to web surf and look forward to replies.

Wanna help me decorate (country style)?
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