Any ideas….I’m starting a home decor business. What I do, basically, is kind of a trash to treasure thing. I can go pick up an old banister railing and create candle holders, or an old hutch and make a secretaries desk and a magazine rack. All my finishes on my pieces are primitive, colonial, country and shabby chic. All these creative juices and I can’t even think of a "name"…PLEASE HELP!

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  • AMO 45 says:

    "trashy art finds "or" green art works" or "recycled treasures" or "fabulous finds" have you a website or any pictures i’d love to see your stuff

  • bnthere says:

    How about the old cliche "Rags to Riches"

  • $millionaire$ says:

    Amanda’s treasures
    rags to riches (i have a website called that) funny but real
    Amanda’s riches
    amazing shop of treasures
    fabulous finds

  • lorie v says:

    You just said the name yourself call it Trash to Treasures!

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