ok me and mines been married for half a year we both 30 in ages. now he want to decor the whole house in that ‘country home’ crap with the porcelin chicks, rooster etc. red/white checkers on the kitchen floor and replaces all our kitchen with wood grain from 1940’s. geez. now he kno halloween my favorite holiday and my home decorate according to it. i has 4 tarantulas (in cages) and 6 ferret that run the house! 🙂 he HATE all of these pets. plse 4 cats but the cats do not live in house they are strays that come into house sometimes and eats and leaves or w/e they do. now i has been looking to place either real or fake shrunken heads like i seen on travels channels or even get ready: real severed heads/remains no body wants done by those people that stuff the dead deers or birds, you know. i has a UNIQUE style for home decor and he is borin. now we might divorce 🙁 over it all…. i think the woman should control the how home is decorate right??

i also wanna kno why he havin a problem with the pets pooing in the house i mean thats what pet does. they poo and urinates. duh. also he claim they stink and dont belong in the kitchen about the stray cats. sigh. everything he has a problem with i do. i clean it up according to it. but husband have been really goin overboard. i also am workin on getting a 10-15 gallon fish tank for the kitchen (which he say will not look right in there w/e). but i got the fish already. i’m trying to fill our home with pets and love….need advices? thank you all be blessed.
** the stray cats has entered the house through a dog door put in from the last owner. hubby want to remove this door so they cant come in and eats or w/e. it is not right imo!

might divorce over porcelin chickens vs. 6 ferret and 4 cats no lie — need help!?
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