ok it’s this boy at my school and his friends told me he likes me. So 1 day me and my friend are walking to gym and he is right on top of me when i’m walking. He starts to put his….um…you know, in me and start to hump.He actually unzipped his pants and tried to have sex with me.I had on my gym short which are stretchable. So it was easy for him to…you know.Anyway,i’m like :O and go to the other side of my friend. then he pushes me and my friend into the wall and walks away.

Another weird time was about 3 days ago when I was about to check out of school.There was no one else in the hallway but me and him.he walked up to me and went," Hey, you wanna go in the bathroom and you know." I’m like "No! " and I continue to take things out of my locker. Then he pushed me against my locker and started to rub my boobs. I then ran away to my homeroom to get the rest of my stuff.

Then this morning he slapped my butt and pushed me outside to, you know! I was so close to letting him do it because I was sick all today and i was very weak,but i got out of his grip .Ugh! i’m scared! idk if it’s molestation or what. I didn’t tell my parents because they never believe me.I want them to believe me but,my mom hits me and my dad is never home.I feel…I feel like a Raggedy Anne doll or something. I feel like all i’m wanted for is sex. i’m 13 and in 7th grade. Has this ever happened to any of you?

Is This assault,molestation, or harassment?
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