I was rummaging through some old boxes and I found an old Raggedy Anne doll. It has short hair with a white and blue hat on, like a 1940′s nurse hat. The shirt is blue with flowers that have either white petals with a red center or vice versa. It also has either green, white, or black hearts on the shirt and red lace under the collar. The pants are blue with red buttons and her socks are checkered with black feet. If it matters she has like buttons for eyes. So, is it worth anything? If not could someone at least give some info on it?

3 Responses to “How much could this Raggedy Anne doll be worth?”

  • hungrykittykat says:

    It’s worth between $15-$50. Depending on the era it was made and the condition it is in.

    You can see what they have been selling for on ebay recently by searching Raggedy Ann Doll and then selecting completed listings only.

  • kattastrofee says:

    it sounds creepy, id throw it away…

  • Mrs Dunn says:

    There is a seller/buyer. Raggedy Ann & Teddys Co.

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