Mine does.

For example, 23 years ago when we first married, he hung a black velvet painting of Jimi Hendrix in our living room. We also argued a lot over him pushing every piece of furniture against the walls. Whenever a family member would bring back gaudy souvenirs from their travels, he would display them, or worse hang them, in the living room (his mother brought back yellow canvas gloves for gold prospecting from Alaska and he hung them over the door between the kitchen and garage). My brother gave my husband two gag gifts that were decoration in our living room for months: life size cutouts of John Wayne and Jeff Gordon. Over the years, my husband’s decorating style has been relegated to the garage, and now it looks more like a dorm room or teenage hangout with posters, bulletin boards with movie stubs, concert stubs, campaign buttons, etc., and framed art that simply isn’t "family friendly".

Now, granted, some of my decorating style annoys my husband. He dislikes the theme of our home decor: country Italian. And no way can I keep a throw pillow anywhere in the house for it simply "disappears". And I am always hiding the matches he likes to leave in the bathroom, for …. you know.

So, does your spouse have a decorating style that annoys you, or am I the only one? Just wondering.

Does your spouse have a decorating style that annoys you?