I need some help, I am considering moving into this little country house. Which is old and a little run down as most older country homes are. It has a lot of potential to be cute. I just need a little bit of help fixing it up. Now I dont know if the landlord wil be replacing the carpet as of yet. But I can pretty much do as I please to this. I do not want to get carried away as i dont have tons of moola. Any suggestions as to Brightening it up? Making this corner old fashion fireplace thin functional??? There is carpet thru out except kitch, and bath. I was thinking maybe doing tile in the room with the fire place, and carpet in the upper level, not to sure if that will look good and what colors, the kitchen floor was recently replace with that cheap "wood paneling" lienolm or whateva you call it. However it is cute and give it an ritzie feeling. How should i tie in the tile and carpet with this?? see image of floorplan

now of course if the LL put new carpet in i will not do tile… you can see from front entrance straight threw to the kitchen
Guess i should have mentioned the furniture.. Well my main problem room is the lower level with the laundry unit in it… that will be the living room. I have a sofa and love seat farely large so i know things will be tight which im not happy about but I can deal with it. I also have a entertainment center and i know there is not much space between the fireplace and window area to the left for that as for one sofa will have to go in that general area but other then that that is all i have for living room furniture.

Decorating ideas??
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