We’re moving into a new home, and I have a few questions on decor. We are renting, so we can not paint or add wall paper, or do anything irreversible without approval.

The bathroom is 50’s-style – with sea foam green tiling up to eye level, and white walls above that. The trim is white. The base of the cabinet sink is wood (dark brown) – naturally, this is not my dream bathroom! However, I want to know which color (s) would make it look it’s best. We both love chocolate brown, but I am dubious about how it would look with the seafoam. I am just wondering what colors of curtain/rug/towels/acessories to get, mainly. We could prob. add a border, too.

The living room is…interesting. The living and dining room are painted a country blue color down to the chair rail, after which the walls are white to the floor. What do I do with this? What color accents? We are buying a new couch – what color? The carpet is white.

Decorating Color Help?
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