Pictures of my life long passion for everything relating to the rag doll duo..Raggedy Ann & Raggedy Andy. My collection consists of over 2 thousand+ pieces and I have been collecting for 22years strong. First group of pics are as recent as of July 09′ and the rest are from years back when I would host viewings of my collection to the public. Facts about Raggedy Ann & Raggedy Andy: * Raggedy Ann was created by a MAN named Johnny Gruelle *Marcella Gruelle was Indeed a real girl who was Johnny Gruelle’s daughter who owned a old rag doll that was given to her and later deemed as Raggedy Ann. Marcella did Pass at age 13 due to a contaminated school vaccination. *Raggedy Ann doll and the trademark “Raggedy Ann” was patented in 1918 *LEGEND is FIRST Raggedy Ann had candy heart(NONE exist)….early Volland ANN dolls have dense cardboard heart inside cloth body(NOT Andy) Printed “I Love You” hearts did not appear till 40’s era and carry on to today. TRICK….not all GENUINE REAL Raggedys have a heart…handmade dolls bear this heart too. *Raggedy Andy was CREATED as Ann’s storybook brother and doll appeared in time for the 1920 Christmas shopping season. *Ann and Andy are indeed Brother and Sister, They care deeply for each other, Ann is loving and caring while Andy is Happy-Go-Lucky and kinda mischievous. NOT twins as Ann is the older sister by a few years….tho’ this has never been a issue. *Raggedy Ann originally has brown hair in a top knot while Andy has a messy mop of

A Raggedy Ann & Andy collection
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