We are opening a small business in a little town in the country and we are going to sell things to decorate homes in, quiltys, etc. Any ideas would be wonderful!

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  • Mother knows best! says:

    Jenna ‘s Little Country Store

  • jasonfromtech says:

    How about "Hometown Decor" ?

    or [your city/town name here] Decorations ?

    For example I live in Atlanta Georgia so I would name it "Atlanta Decorations" or "Atlanta Decor" or something like that (you probably don’t live in Georgia so obviously use your own city/hometown name).

    Hope this helps.

  • roctober1994 says:

    Tha Small Country Sto – ok maybe not
    Country Market?

    Hope one of these worked =)
    Good Luck

  • Patti R says:

    Might need a little more info but maybe something like Country Chic Decor.

  • sooz says:

    My Beautiful Country home

    My Home’s Beauty closet

  • professor grey says:

    Country Collections
    Heart & Home
    All About The House

    Wish I new the name of the town, could probably work that into a name. Good wishes for your new business.

  • Dallasdoll says:

    How about..a little bit country..you know like the song..I’m a little bit country..I’m a little bit of rock n roll..yes thats all I got, I quite like the Home Sweet Home one as well

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